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Let Luxor do the heavy lifting

Since 1997 Luxor Technologies, Inc. has provided banks, financial services companies and OEM software systems vendors with credit reporting and fraud mitigation software components. Our reputation for innovation and quality service makes us the best choice for bolt-on software solutions. At Luxor you dont just license software, you license us! We become an extension of your staff, providing the best in credit reporting expertise and technology.

Since 1974 the founders at Luxor have built credit repositories and credit reporting agency systems. We are the original inventors of patented online, merged credit reporting. Let us help your financial services system become the best in breed.    Luxor Technologies, Inc. -- Bolt it On!®

Credit Bureau Access
  • Harness the power normally reserved for the largest credit reporting agencies.
  • Access Equifax U.S, Equifax Canada, Experian, TransUnion U.S, TransUnion Canada and TransUnion Mexico
  • Retrive credit, fraud, skip-tracing products and data feeds from all the bureaus
  • Web communications with the bureaus directly from your application
Powerful Data Mining / Decisioning
  • Access Common data elements regardless of bureau source
  • Retrieve merged and un-merged credit data elements through an easy-to-use API
  • Use simple data mining language to retrieve summarized business data elements
  • Over 1,600 pre-configured data attributes returned via a simple API call or XML document