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Whether you are a small startup with a brilliant idea, a large bank or financial institution or an OEM software systems provider, we have a solution for you.

At Luxor Technologies, Inc., we thrive in helping our customers create the best in financial services technology. Many small startup companies have rapidly taken their ideas to market with the help of our components embedded within their systems. TransUnion call us 'The Intel Inside' of credit reporting.

OEM software companies gain marketshare by providing great systems. Many lending, collections and banking systems providers rely on Luxor components to do all the credit reporting and fraud mitigation heavy lifting while they focus on other areas of their product. Luxor components hide quietly under the covers allowing our customers to private label their turnkey solutions.

Lending institutions of all sizes use Luxor components to make on the spot, complex credit decisions, while banks and credit unions employ Luxor components and services to provide OFAC scans and integrate identity products from the national credit repositories.

Luxor components and services will enable you to:

  • Add credit bureau access to your system
  • Make complex decisions based upon credit data and other outside business variables
  • Produce clean, easy-to-understand merged and un-merged credit reports
  • Integrate all credit bureau products into your offering
  • Leverage your own credit bureau relationships

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